HP Ink Website Coming Soon.

Ink For the HP T Series WebPress / PB IntelliJet printing systems.

At the moment we are working with a company in developing an ink for the HP T Series WebPress (T200, T300 and T400 InkJet Printing Press).

Sometimes these printing presses are sold by Pitney Bowes in different regions around the world, this ink will work with these presses also. These presses are labled the PB IntelliJet (IntelliJet20, IntelliJet30 and IntelliJet42) and often sold with the PB IPPM RIP. This ripping method is ideal for transactional customers who can not "Rip to Store" (like the HP RIP system) as storing and caching customers billing information is not ideal, so Pitney Bowes developed their IPPM Print Manager that can Rip to Print.

When HP developed the WebPress the ink that was used was called "Sengen Ink", a few years ago (~2012) HP redeveloped the ink and released it across the world, this is named "Puffer Ink". This ink works with the Falcon heads that HP produce and runs in the T Series presses.

Testing Plan We plan to gravity feed a pen in your print bar, this will be straightforward to do. We will cap off the ink supply from the Print Bar Manifold, we will then connect our ink into this pen, so when the pen requires the ink, it will draw it from our gravity fed supply. This way it will not interfere with your production. We will be on site to help monitor the progress and keep our ink reservoir topped up. We will require a Pen from you for testing. Remember the pens are pre-charged with a "transport ink", so once this has been printed with and our ink has replaced it, we will see how our ink performs.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the inks and when they will be available for purchase, please enter your email address below. -Coming soon.


31/05/2016 - Any updates will be posted here, check back soon.

28/04/2015 - The ink manufacturer we use has successfully made the replacement Puffer ink, we will begin testing the ink shortly.
If you have access to a HP T series WebPress or PB IntelliJet and are willing to let us test our Puffer replacement ink, please let us know. Rest assured this ink is significantly cheaper than the cost to buy from HP or PB. At the moment we have only manufactured the Black Puffer Ink, if this is a success, we can go on to make the CMY and possibly the Bonding Agent. Contact us now.

24/03/2015 - An ink manufacturing company has been found who is going to make the ink.

01/03/2015 - This website setup with information about the HP inks.